Tours in historical costumes for pre-schools and schools

Special tours in historical costumes are provided for kids in the kindergarten or the schoolchildren (6 – 12 years). Children on this tour become guests of the countess of Milotice who accompanies them through the chateau. These tours are offered in Czech only.

Reservation for the season 2022:

Costume tours for kindergartens and 1. -3. class of elementary schools is conceived as a visitation of children to the Countess. After changing into costumes, children are instructed in how to behave and move.

Then a tour continues to the hall where the Countess expects children.

In the hall, children learn the courtly label. Followed by a dance for princesses and a sword fighting for small nobles. All accompanied by live period music.

In the event of rain, a heated room is provided.

The program is designed exclusively for school classes and their pedagogical accompaniment. Accompanying parents or other persons is not possible in this sightseeing tour for capacity and organizational reasons!

Opening hours

Period Days Hours
2. 5.-28. 6. tue–fri 9.00 – 12.30
29. 6.-31. 12. closed


Czech guide tour
  • Category Price
  • Adults 25 up to 64 years 220 CZK
  • Seniors 65+ NE CZK
  • Youth 18 up to 24 years NE CZK
  • Persons with disabilities with valid identification card/certificate NE CZK
  • Children 6 up to 17 years 220 CZK
  • Children under 5 years 220 CZK
  • Person accompanying a disabled person free
  • Person accompanying a school group of 15 pupils/students not available
  • Guide accompanying a group of at least 15 persons not available
  • "MK ČR" card not available
  • ICOMOS card not available
  • Seasonal NPÚ ticket not available
  • Single NPÚ tickets not available
  • NPÚ card not available
  • "Náš člověk" card not available

Other tours

The current guided tour presents the everyday life of Ladislav Seilern-Aspang, the last Count, and his family between 1916 and 1945. The tour based on the detailed narrative provided by the Count's eldest daughter Marietta.

this tour is available today 9.00 – 16.00

4F17A2ED-8B52-4F67-8D80-EE0130BE50BE 200 CZK (full admission) 2F500991-B0F5-4AC5-9B90-2BBFBDCDFC45 Buy ticket

71B5B7E7-ACEA-4214-84EB-20FF073CEC43 duration 50 minutes

94D4AB38-6EA4-4B19-9C7F-17B845D49188 max. 25 people

Group reservation needed for groups only

More information

A special private tour without guide which offers a walk in the park, garden and orangeries in historical costumes together with your friends or relatives.

this tour is available today 9.00 – 16.00

4F17A2ED-8B52-4F67-8D80-EE0130BE50BE admission 380/220 CZK, czech guide only (full admission)

71B5B7E7-ACEA-4214-84EB-20FF073CEC43 duration 30 minutes

94D4AB38-6EA4-4B19-9C7F-17B845D49188 max. 20 people

Group reservation needed

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